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Stainless Steel Tank Stand Cutting Machine

Different functions of the mold can ge not installed in attendancefor punching holes, cutting angle, bending, punching oval hole, and versatile.

Tough body casting and precision machining and heat treatment ofgear shaft, to ensure the stability of the machine in continuousoperation, increasing the life of the machine.

Special design and selection of high-quality materials produced by the three knife for cutting round iron, flat iron and angle ironpurposes without having to replace the cutter, and cut off pieces of the surface perfectly unblemished.

Removable hard rubber tire rich mobility, can be placed in anyindoor or outdoor use.
Semi-automatic lubrication system to ensure the smooth operation of the machine, which reduces the failure rate.

There are two operating handle or foot switch method, easy to use, high efficiency.

Machine TypeRF-260RF-320
Pressure 30ton 50ton
Stroke 50m/m 40m/m
Motor 1.5Kw x 1.5P 2.2Kw x 3P
Dimension(LxWxH) 1050x580x660 m/m 1300x710x700m/m
Weight 500kg 950kg