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Metal Deep Drawn Product and Metal Deep Drawn Services

We offer the service of Metal Deep Drawing, Metal Stamping, Metal Welding, Metal Cutting, Metal Bending, Drawing Die, and Metal Fabrication,Stainless Steel Water Tank Machine to our customers, in good quality and good delivery. We also provide the total solution for Whole Plant of Stainless Steel Water Tank and teach customer to make Stainless Steel Water Tank, Stainless Steel Material  and Water Tank Semi-Finished Product, Stainless Steel Accessory.

Metal Deep Drawn Services :

Offering Metal Hydroforming Parts from 100mm up to 2200mm

Metal Stamping Services :

OEM and ODM Stamping Mould and Metal Blanking from customers' drawing.If you have more questions about our product and service, please don't hesitate to contact us.