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2015 stainless steel storage tank , IBC Tank Parts, Metal Casting, Metal deep drawing(click here) stainless-steel-drum-lidsstainless-steel-tank-lidsstainless-steel-water-tank-coverstainless-steel-water-tankstainless-steel-water-tank-headstainless-steel-storage-tank316stainless-steel-tank-head304stainless-tank-coverstainless-steel-tank-cover.stainless-steel-tank-machine-supplierstainless-steel-tankstainless-steel-water-tank-capstainless-steel-tank-materialstainless-steel-tank-supplierstainless-steel-water-tank-manufacturerstainless-water-tank-head Our company is professional manufacturer for whole plant of stainless steel water tank ,deep drawing products and stainless steel water tank.Our products have stainless steel water tank ,IBC Tank Parts , stainless steel tank vessel , mixing tank ,wine tank , protable tank , storage tank. Our company persists the high quality , best service , low defect , low price ; four main principles bring our products not only spreading in Taiwan local market, but also to USA, Nigeria, Uganda, Syria, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico,Brazil,Iraq,Brunei Turkey,and all over the world. We also have service for Metal Stamping ,Stainless Steel Water Tank Head ,Tank Lids , Tank Covers , Metal Welding , ODM Mould , OEM Mould , Pressure Tank , Storage Tank , Press Forming , Stainless Forming , Metal Punch , Deep Drawing Press Tool Design , Hydraulic Mould Manufacture , tooling and die making , Drawing Die , Stainless Steel Tube Tank Head , Stainless Steel Fitting , Stainless Steel Tube , Stainless Steel Elbow, Stainless Steel Flange , Stainless Steel Lock. We supply whole plant of Stainless steel water tank and Stainless Steel tank Cover.